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presenter - host - executive producer

You’ve followed her on Instagram, seen her on TV, watched her host the socks off a live get to know the girl behind @emmylou_loves

In a world filled with fakes, Emmylou Maccarthy is the real deal. She swears. She cries. She shares inside tips about how to achieve a flawless red lip (hint: it involves a toothbrush). And she's built a fun, fearless tribe who follow her every move.

An accredited fashion stylist and make-up artist, Emmylou can also add TV producer/presenter (Dot Com Social) to her resume. She was also recently published on Mamamia (read her guide to body positivity) and has launched her first magazine, Emmylou Loves. A career highlight was being invited by Business Chicks to speak at their popular 9 To Thrive events in Sydney and Melbourne. It's no wonder Emmylou is in hot demand to host red carpets, MC events and consult on social media management and body positivity.

Emmylou has built a fiercely loyal tribe on Instagram (check her out @emmylou_loves). From cooking demos to makeup artistry, building your confidence and chasing your dreams, she knows how to tell a story that resonates with her community. And she loves her community right back!

With a long line of brands and partnerships wanting to collaborate with the Emmylou Love’s brand, it's no secret that her followers and fans come first. They’ve been behind Emmylou from the start, supporting everything from her collaborative frank green SmartCup to a party celebrating 15k followers on Instagram.

In 2019, Emmylou is all set to take her Confidence is Contagious tour on the road. She's bringing an explosive live show to Melbourne, sharing insider tips to help her tribe break out of their comfort zone and shine on the world's stage. Come and be a part of the magic.

Once asked in a interview, "what would you do if you wanted something that 1000 other people wanted?"

“I would create a community with that other 1000 and we would all go and get it together”

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emmylou loves tv series!

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Are You Ready

Season 2 of Emmylou Loves is coming in 2019…

Reality Tv meets all of the favourite topics that you have come to love on Emmylou’s Insta Stories.

From behind the scenes footage of Emmylou in her daily hustle, attending events, travel, cooking and a real look at what it takes to get your name out there and make your dreams come true.

Emmylou Loves fearlessly shows you her world with out filter or hesitation, because Confidence is Contagious.